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Inna Zhelannaya the first world music star of Russia, is known for combining old, Russian folksongs with modern music productions. Some pieces, as old as 1000 years and coming from even the pre-Christian era, are found throughout her records re-worked with electronica, trance and progressive rock. Inna founded the Russian super-group "The Farlanders" with Sergey Starostin who was awarded the BBC’s prestigious “World Musician of The Year” award in 2003. This was, in large part, due to his work with Inna. “Inna and the Farlanders” has performed in hundreds of prestigious festivals throughout Europe, Asia and the USA.

In 2000, Inna began releasing her series of solo recordings. Her records have charted in international categories in Germany, France, Russia and Asia. Articles and reviews in Rolling Stone, the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Village Voice have proclaimed her as a “strikingly unique voice.”

"Cocoon", the first release of Inna Zhelannaya’s in the USA, is based entirely on old, Russian folk songs. Executed with the utmost care for these ancient melodies, the meditative "Cocoon" has been acknowledged as a boundary smashing work for Zhelannaya.  The CD is co-produced with King Crimson’s Trey Gunn and features his playing on several tracks.


Selected Discography:

  • "Vodorosl", Alga -- Inna's debut in 1995. The first recording of synthesizing Russian folklore and contemporary music styles. One of the songs (“Only With You”) was included in CD-compilation “One World” by Putumayo World Music along with Peter Gabriel, Gypsy Kings, Bob Marley, Johnny Š”legg, Youssou'N'Dour, and Angelique Kidjo.
  • "Inozemets", The Farlanders -- Recorded in Holland in 1998 and released in the USA by Shanachie  Records, under the name “Inna And The Farlanders: "The Dream Of Endless Nights".) Chosen as one of the best world music releases iof 1998 by the World Music Charts Europe.
  • "Moments", Inna Zhelannaya -- Live in Bremen, Germany. Recorded during the German tour in 1999. Featuring the great Russian singer and woodwinds player Sergey Starostin.
  • Vymysly (Imaginations), Inna Zhelannaya -- Featuring the famous French horn player Arkadiy Shilkloper.
  • Zima (Winter), Inna Zhelannaya -- The begining of a new direction for Inna, with her voice intimately women through a tapestry of sound design and electronics.
  • Cocoon, Inna Zhelennaya --  co-produced with Trey Gunn.


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