new reviews: Inna Zhelannaya / Trey Gunn

Inna's "Cocoon" given very high marks at World Music Central

"One of the most pleasant surprises in 2010 was Cocoon, the first U.S. release by Russian world music icon. Even though I was not familiar with her solo work, I had heard some of her recordings with the reputable Russian group The Farlanders.

On Cocoon, Inna Zhelannaya continues her mesmerizing combinations of ancient Russian and Eastern European folk music with dreamy electronica."  click for more

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Trey Gunn's 2 disc retrospective "I'll Tell What I Saw" review at The Big Takover

"Gunn brings a certain avant-prog flavor to nearly everything he’s involved with, but his collaborations always sound like that just that: collaborations, and not a strong-willed artist imposing his aesthetic on others. I’ll Tell You What I Saw gives us the best of Trey Gunn – not only in its selection of tracks but in its presentation of his musical worldview."  click for more


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