Specimen 13 (digital files now)

Brainchild of drummer and internationally renowned graphic novel artist, Denis Rodier, together with Martin Vanier on guitar, bass and soundscapes, SPECIMEN13 and its first musical offering, ECHOSYSTEM, is the fruit of several years of labor with collaboration on an international scale.

- - -
DENIS RODIER - drums, percussion, vocals, visuals
MARTIN VANIER - guitar, bass, Soundscapes
Adrian Benavides - sound design, guitar, drum programming and additional synth
Alex Dowerk - Touch Guitars U8
Erik Emil Eskildsen - Touch Guitars U8, Soundscape
Trey Gunn - Warr Guitar
Tony Levin - Chapman Stick
Pat Mastelotto - traps and buttons
Eoghan McCloskey - drums Bill Munyon - additional sound design Markus Reuter - Touch Guitars U8, soundscapes, sound design
Bob Smith, Richard Jodoin, Johane Jodoin, Daniel Marsolais - vocals
Bernhard Wöstheinrich - synthesizers, noise

7d Media LLC    1122 E. Pike Street, Suite 780, Seattle, WA 98122  USA