Trey Gunn score book

Touch guitar freak and music coach Trey Gunn (King Crimson, TU, KTU, Quodia, Three Below) draws from his performing and recording catalog for this pioneering book. Notated down to the fine details, this collection will open doors for any tapping musician, or for those curious about how this music is constructed.

Thirteen compositions from Trey's catalog, plus a bonus transcriptions of his parts from the King Crimson piece "The ConstruKction of Light." Beautifully spiral bound in a 12"x9" text.

Transcriptions by Gabriel Riccio

"This book is a must have for all touch guitarists, whether they live in the progressive music world or just want tips on some great techniques. The score to Trey's part on The ConstruKCtion of Light is, alone, worth the price. (Good golly, I'm still trying to learn all the intricacies of that, and I play it every night!)" – Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Paul Simon)

“He gave me some lessons to improve hand coordination, and I felt like I was learning how to play guitar all over again.” – Adam Jones of Tool, Guitar Player Magazine

“Hooray! A beginning-pedagogy from one of the best qualified to present it.” – Robert Fripp

"Finally an insight into Trey's wizardry!" - Alex Machacek (FAT)

"Trey Gunn is an extraordinary and visionary musician. His musical understanding, skill, expressiveness and creative courage are a beacon to forward-thinking musicians everywhere!" - Michael Manring (solo performing bassist, Michael Hedges)

"Trey always brings unique ideas to the table. Great sounds and wonderful 'out of the box' playing. And speaking of out of the box... have you see his new winter collection of kilts?" Marco Minneman (Joe Satriani, Steven Wilson, The Aristocrats)

“We are so blessed to be offered an invitation into the head, hands and heart of such a brilliant musician. This collection is a necessary addition to the music library of any forward thinking (& acting) musician.” Matte Henderson (John Medeski, Screaming Headless Torsos) 





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