Todmorden 513 (concerto for orchestra) -- Markus Reuter

7d is pleased to annouce this upcoming release by Markus Reuter on June 17, 2014.

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including 2 hours of bonus material and full orchestral scores

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Markus Reuter, composer and touch guitarist with Tony Levin‘s Stick Men group, releases his first symphonic composition, Todmorden 513. This piece – a re-orchestration of an electronic work – was recorded by the Colorado Chamber Orchestra after extensive rehearsals and orchestration sessions at their base in Denver, Colorado. This live performances of this work have been described as “infinitelylayered” and “kaleidoscopic.” Now a recorded version is finally available in, both, stereo and surround sound formats.

For most of his life, Markus Reuter has been working with generative processes in many different musical contexts, both improvising and composing complex music from simple rules. Todmorden 513 represents the first application of these processes to a score for a classical ensemble, and a full symphonic orchestra, no less. The recursive permutation of an initial harmonic cell results in aprogression of 513 chords. Dividing and spatially rearranging the orchestral body into trios and quartetsand, ultimately, all soloists, this work pulls the listener into the eye of a full-blown harmonic storm.

The high quality 2-disc digipack contains a CD of the studio recording and a DVD with a hi-res 5.1 mixand an alternate 2.0 mix by ambient music pioneer Robert Rich. Also included, is the 70 minute documentary of the recording process "Breaking TM513" produced by filmmaker Jack Casadone.

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Markus on Todmorder 513





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