Sonar - live release w/David Torn

Recorded live at Moods Jazz Club, Zürich, Switzerland, on May 24th 2018.  

Swiss music ensemble Sonar's their new live album “Live At Moods” with guest soloist/texturalist David Torn. 

Fusing a rigorous minimal concept with the power of a rock band and the sensitivity of a jazz combo, Sonar has quickly gained an international reputation for creating a unique blend of music. With their slow-build approach to dramaturgy and avoidance of conventional forms, they focus on collective group efforts and a deeper kind of interaction amongst their members Stephan Thelen (guitar), Bernhard Wagner (guitar), Christian Kuntner (electric bass) and Manuel Pasquinelli (drums). Sonar's music is complex but still visceral, hypnotic but still dynamic. The ground feels as though it's continuously shifting beneath your feet in opposing directions as multiple motifs and rhythms flit about your head, circulating in different orbits. 

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